Retreat in 2021

The 2021 Retreat has been postponed to October 2022 due to new Covid restrictions.  Please stay in touch and stay healthy.

Chi Nei Tsang 1 Retreat

October 3-6, 2022.  Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Pagosa Hot Springs, Colorado is the DEEPEST HOT SPRINGS IN THE WORLD, says the Guiness book of records.

Join us for four days of soaking in the natural healing hot springs along the San Juan River in Pagosa Springs, Colorado while practicing massage, meditation, qigong, and discovering ancient teachings that will restore your health and inner peace.

During the retreat we will be offering a complete course in Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals along with many other Taoist teachings.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is not only a body therapy technique, but a lineage practice which comes to us from Traditional Chinese Medical schools of the past as involves training in energy cultivation (qigong) and alchemical Taoist meditations to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Our days will begin with Qigong outside, by the San Juan river. Chi Nei Tsang class will be held in a private room at The Springs. Our classroom will be near the “mother pool”. We will move consciously through each of the organ systems, learning how to access the knowledge of the body with our hearts and our hands.

After class, take advantage of the 24 unique pools of naturally hot therapeutic mineral water situated right alongside the San Juan river. Pagosa Hot Springs is the deepest in the world! Guests of The Springs Resort have 24-hour access to the pools. We will have a 2 hour dinner break each day and the pools are open 8am till 11pm.  If you are not staying at the Springs resort you will need to buy a pass at the bath house. 

End your day with Tao Yin; Taoist yoga, specifically designed to open the meridians through stretching and breath work promoting deep and restful sleep. Bring your favorite yoga mat for evening practice in the New Wellness room at the Springs Resort. 


Improved energy and sleep

Improved physical and emotional digestion

Regulation of elimination

Relief from abdominal pain

How to assist your metabolism to vibrant health

Self Empowerment over your sense of well being

You will learn:

To identify the location and function of the internal organs Several treatment protocols, including a full body detoxifying routine

Manual and Energetic techniques to improve digestion and alleviate abdominal pain

Opening the diaphragm for better breathing

Introduction to the five elements theory

Qigong and meditation to boost your energy level and harmonize organs

Opening the microcosmic orbit and 6 Healing Sounds Meditation

Tao Yin to open the Meridians

Tuition: $650   If you are repeating the 4 day retreat you receive a 25% discount.  (your tuition is $487.50)

To Register: Please copy and paste the registration form below.

Plan to arrive on October 2rd. Class will end at 5pm on October 6 if you are planning to leave for home on Thursday. We will still have evening practice on October 6.  

What to Bring: 

Please bring a massage table sheet for your personal use and a yoga mat. We will be wearing Masks at the treatment tables, but not when we are outdoors doing Qigong or during lectures when we can be socially distanced in the classroom.  You may be asked to bring a massage table and sheet, if you are driving.  Bring a supply of KN95 masks or better, with you to class.  No cloth masks please. 

Instructor: Caryn Boyd Diel, founder of White Cloud Institute. For questions call 505 670-3538

Massage Therapists: 32 Ceu from NCBTMB

9am to 8pm Daily Beginners Welcome!

Qigong and Meditation only option.  Join us every morning at 9am for Qigong and every evening at 7:30pm for Tao Yin and Meditation.                

This is a great option to include your significant other who may be traveling with you.  $15 per day

Meals are not included in the Retreat Tuition but Pagosa offers many restaurants and whole food markets. For room rates call The Springs Resort at 800-225-0934, or Healing Waters Resort at 970 264-5910. There are many homes and cabins for rent in town.


You will be contacted by phone, and email when this form is completed.

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White Cloud Institute, PO Box 31996 Bellingham, WA 98228

Email us at: [email protected]  call:  505 670-3538

In order to guarantee your space in class a $75 non refundable deposit is due when you register. Full tuition is due 6 weeks prior to class. No refunds once a class begins

Spring Renewal; Longevity and Rejuvenation Retreat

Spring Retreat

TBA 2022, in Bellingham, Washington

Practitioners in the healing arts know the value of being on Retreat. Join us for a few days of profound relaxation and drop deeper into the mysteries of healing. We will begin our days with Qigong and Meditation in the forest of the Pacific Northwest.

Learn how to nourish and rejuvenate your body for natural and lasting health. We will discuss the spiritual aspects of Detoxification.

Caryn will introduce several topics which will assist your body to be strong and able to detox wisely; including Chi Nei Tsang self help routine, sensible approaches to Detox, Forest Bathing, “taking the waters” in the European way, Lymph massage and preparing teas and congees for restoring health. Take home several Longevity Practices.

Afternoon lectures will include lessons on casting the I Ching, Dry Brushing, and Taoist Dream Practice. Feel supported and Rejuvenated. We conclude each day with Tao Yin and Meditations to assist in your healing experience. specifically designed to open the meridians through stretching and breath work promoting deep and restful sleep.

Be sure to register 2 full weeks prior to the retreat, as you will receive some special instructions on how to best prepare for this life changing experience.

Tuition: $550

Instructor: Caryn Boyd Diel, founder of White Cloud Institute

Meals are not included in the Retreat Tuition.

Massage Therapists: 27 Ceu from NCBTMB

Learn how to "take the waters"

During the Chi Nei Tsang Retreat at Pagosa Springs Caryn will talk about the history of "Taking the Waters" and how to best use the natural this healing springs.

Join us in Sedona, Arizona

We will be looking at the Vortex energy that is prevalent on this land and learn how to apply Geomancy to our healing practice.