Classes 2021

Monthly Class Offering

Chi Nei Tsang Supervision via Zoom

April 28 and May 26

2-4pm in the US Pacific Time zone

Join our Global community to share your questions and your Chi Nei Tsang success stories.  Caryn will also be offering a short CNT lecture and treatment ideas for you to use in your practice.  This will be fun and informal.  You may want to have a practice partner handy on a massage table, but that is not absolutely required.  This class is for students who have taken a basic CNT class with Caryn in the past 20 years. 

It has been many years since some of us were in class together, so lets re acquaint ourselves with our colleagues and share our love for this ancient healing modality. 

The registration is $15, to PayPal.  You will receive the Zoom ID and password after you have registered

Time:  Monthly class on Wednesday afternoon 2-4pm Pacific Time zone of the US.  9-10am in Australia.

Double check your time zone. 

Crystal Healing and Chakra Health

May 22 & 23, 2021

10-4pm daily

Crystals are the Earths’ DNA. They have a structure which is transmitted into our bodies.

Crystals can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic wavebands.

Each has it’s own note, and mineral structure, and therefore it’s own internal structure. Mineral content changes the color, but the internal structures are the same.

Crystal healing is ancient and works both in the energy field and on a constitutional level of the body, therefore being deep and effective healing.

The beauty of Crystals and Sacred Stones affects healing and overall balance by imprinting delicate frequencies into the human energy field.

Learn a treatment to assist with Covid 19 relief of fatigue.  And play with tuning forks as a complement to the crystals.

We will spend the first day delighting in the beauty of crystals and discussing the properties of healing stones and the physical and spiritual functions of each of our Chakras. I will have stones and pendulums for everyone to use, but please bring your favorite healing stones to class

Tuition: $175

Bellingham, WA

Register at [email protected] (paypal address)

Call: 505 670-3538

Please bring a massage table and sheets, favorite crystals and stones, and tuning forks if you have them.   It is recommended to wear masks, even if you have been vaccinated.

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel began studying crystal healing with Katrina Rafael in Taos, NM in the 1980’s. She then graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and included classes on crystal healing in her Energy Medicine program at the White Cloud Institute. She also studied Druidic Geomancy with Ferran Blasco.

Caryn will teach you how to accurately assess the chakras and measure the effects of laying crystals and stones on the body.

You may bring your own crystals. Crystals and Pendulums will be available in class

Caryn is founder of White Cloud Institute and has written a workbook for students entitled, “Chakra Tales, putting a new spin on your stories”

Love and Destiny Card Class   
July 24 & 25, 2021.   on Zoom

The Science of the Cards is a powerful tool for self-discovery and inner transformation. Most students use it initially to help forecast their future, understand their past and unravel the many facets of their human relationships. However, this system can be used most effectively as a guide to plan and execute many important aspects of our life. A person fully utilizing the information found in this system can walk forward in life with full confidence, knowing that he or she is in harmony with the universal energies and the cycles of his or her own life.

In this workshop, you will learn about your individual Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card, your relationship to others, and your life’s plan in the Book of Destiny. Learn how the cards can help you more clearly define your life’s purpose and how they provide you with a blueprint for continual success.

Bring your life plans and dreams to this class and lets see if we can get you on track to your highest potential.

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been a student of this system of divination and card reading for 20 years and studied with author Robert Lee Camp. She offers Private readings to individuals on Career, Health, Relationship Compatibility and Yearly life planning.

Suggested Reading:

Love Cards and Destiny Cards, by Robert Camp.

Tuition $250 for both days.  Class is 9:30-5pm daily

PayPal address: [email protected]

Registration form is on the 'classes' page, if you have not taken a class with us before. 

Weekly Qigong and Meditation classes

Wednesday night Qigong and Meditation class

6-7:15pm.   $15

This class will include Qigong warmups, a seasonal form, Tao Yin and a guided meditation

PayPal address for registration is [email protected]

or call to register over the phone 505 670-3538

You will be sent the Zoom ID and password after you register

                     CNT and Pelvic Health

June 12 & 13, 2021

Chi Nei Tsang and Pelvic Health merges Western and Eastern wisdom to address Pelvic Pain (in women and men) including Infertility, painful intercourse, interstitial cystitis, urinary urgency, incontinence, burning and long standing pain and discomfort.

Health issues in the Pelvis can be addressed with simple self-help techniques, including stretching and strengthening, abdominal massage, Breathwork, meditation, dietary adjustments, and postural evaluation. 

Learn ways to approach the physical and emotional symptoms which plague so many. Take charge of your well being and learn to assist your clients to find relief and wholeness.  We will be applying basic Chi Nei Tsang techniques and theories, so you will receive a short introduction to this healing method.

The causes of Pelvic Pain are many and the need to find relief from this pain is often elusive. We will explore the various root causes of pain including a look at simple anatomy and physiology of the pelvis.Students will explore specific movements and stretches which address muscular conditions which either weaken or tense pelvic muscles.

We will examine a program of eliminating pain and then strengthening the core. This includes a CNT self help routine and a look at diet and meditation to assist in a new experience of wellness.

This course is designed for individuals as well as practitioners. No experience is necessary. Handouts will be provided

Tuition $250   14 CE from NCBTMB    9am -4pm daily

email and Paypal address:  [email protected]    

Student registration form is on the "classes" page

April 23-25, 2021

Chi Nei Tsang level 1

21 CE. Bellingham, WA

We will sit 6 feet apart during lectures. Class size will be limited to 8-10 students

It is required that we wear masks in class.

Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to massage therapy with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs.

This course will cover the history and fundamental principles of Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy & physiology of the internal organs, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises, qigong to increase the flow of chi through your body, and several treatment protocol. You will have a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Techniques are easily incorporated into your existing massage sessions. Open to therapists and the public. Benefits all ages, including children.


Improved energy and sleep

Improved physical and emotional digestion

Regulation of elimination

Relief from abdominal pain

Learn to assist your metabolism for vibrant health

Gain Self Empowerment over your sense of well being

You will learn:

*To identify the location and function of the internal organs

*Several treatment protocols, including a full body detoxifying routine

*Manual and Energetic techniques to improve digestion and alleviate abdominal pain

*Opening the diaphragm for better breathing

*Introduction to the five elements theory

*Qigong and meditation to boost your energy level and harmonize organs

$425 9-5 daily 21 CE from NCBTMB

Beginners Welcome!

Registration form is on the "classes" page.  Please use PayPal to pay for class.  address is: [email protected] 

or call 505 670-3538 to use a credit card.

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been teaching CNT for 20 years. Her book, "The Mountain Path" explains the history of this healing art, and gives students guidance on how to offer a Chi Nei Tsang session.

Chakra Tales

Putting a New Spin on your Stories

Do you enjoy movement, drawing and story telling?  Then this is for you!

I am excited to announce a NEW one of a kind, Home Study, class that you can experience from home. NOW is the time to re create your Energy Field, and your Chakras, to reflect lessons learned and the ways in which we want to proceed. With new awareness and new information about life on Earth we can upgrade our lives by re setting our energetic matrix to allow new information to flow through us.

I have updated my 'Chakra Tales' student workbook, (2001), and added 8 YouTube videos for you to play with at home. You will receive weekly written lessons and videos that will guide you on a journey through your personal energy field. We will use sound, color, music, meditation, movement to activate and clear each chakra. You get to draw and write and re write yourself into a NEW YOU. 

This is NOT a Zoom class, but a self directed, self chosen time that you have at home.

$100 for 8 lessons and videos. Payment can be made to [email protected] via PayPal.

For private Chakra Readings call me at 505 670-3538

Available as a Home Study Course

You can start at any time this year, go at your pace.

Open Yourself to Deep Communion


Monthly Group Healing with Caryn

April 15. 6:30pm Pacific Time

Connect with me in a relaxed supportive environment while you are infused with the frequencies of Nature. How does Nature express itself to you? How do you present yourself to Nature?

Nature is to the Earth as our Emotional Body is to our Physical Body. Nature is a dimension which holds a healing frequency for the Earth. Our physical body heals when our emotional body is clear and balanced. Earth can heal when Nature is given an opportunity to breathe.

I am offering monthly Group Healings over Zoom. Many years ago in Santa Fe, NM I opened the doors of White Cloud Institute twice a month for anyone who wanted to come into the space and experience a group healing. What that experience was for each person was very unique. I also experienced personal insights and profound healing and expanded meditations every time. One person from those early days has this to say “the group healings are a powerful vehicle for personal spiritual connection, revelation and transformation….for me, they were almost as potent as a one-on-one healing.”

During those one hour sessions I would open myself to Creation energies, inviting in the purifying energies of the elements and infusing creation energies into the space of the group for each person to receive what they needed. I had devoted several years to studying, understanding and communicating with the elements.

Now I am connecting with the pure healing essence of Nature. For the past few years I have been communing with Nature, it’s quiet immensity and its’ nourishing frequencies. I invite you to join me in the pure healing dimension of Nature.  Nature is conscious and aware.  Re discover the healing rhythm of your most healthy body. 

How to Prepare:

Please set aside a little more than one hour for each group healing experience. Set a space for yourself and anyone who is joining you. Light a candle, burn incense, turn off your cell phone (unless you are using the phone to connect on Zoom), and lock the door, or put up a do not disturb sign. You can sit or lay on the floor. Be comfortable, you may feel like stretching or moving at times, or just lying still in deep awareness. Have paper and pencil nearby in case you want to write afterwards.

My co hostess and I will begin and end the hour with a simple verbal cuing. There may not be any talking after, or there may be some who want to share.

You may leave the Zoom call at any time, and if you like you may connect with me later. I will have everyone muted during the group time, until the end, so that there will not be sound coming from individual rooms.

I may not be able to converse afterwards as I am in a very expanded state of consciousness where words do not exist, but my co hostess WILL be there as a witness for you.

You may register via PayPal at [email protected]

The fee for each session is $15.

I will send you the Zoom ID link after you have registered.

Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang

a walk through the 5 Elements

These classes are being offered in Seattle at the Therapeutic Training

April 17 Metal Element

April 18 Wood Element

August 7 Earth Element

August 8 Fire Element

October 23 Water Element

Chi Nei Tsang 8 hour Intro Classes


These Five introductory 8 hour classes are designed to teach the basic principles and techniques of Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient Chinese healing modality, which holds a prominent place in modern day health care. Learning about Gut health is essential to overall health, and our microbiome is challenged daily by changes in our environment. Learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs.

Each class will guide you through basic CNT treatment techniques, which rely on an understanding of anatomy of physiology of the internal organs. Class is a combination of lecture and demonstration, including hands on work with a partner on a massage table.

Handouts, visual aids, and other support materials are included.  

Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to massage therapy with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You will learn the history and fundamental principles of Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy and physiology of the internal organs, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises which support healing, qigong to increase the flow of chi through your body to assist you in your massage practice, and a basic CNT treatment. Continue your CNT studies with a 3 or 4 day certification course if you want more training, and desire to become certified.

Wear comfortable clothing as you will stay clothed on the table, with only your abdomen exposed. No oils are used in Chi Nei Tsang treatments. Bring a fitted sheet and bolster. Wear a mask.

Tuition $170. 10am - 7pm. 8 CE from NCBTMB.

Class location in Seattle. Contact 

MELT for Postpartum Moms; Restore the Pelvic Floor

TBA later in the year, Probably August 2021


Learn how the connective tissue in your hands, feet,

legs, shoulders, pelvis and spine get dehydrated, the

common aches and pains it can cause, and how to re-hydrate

this essential system in our bodies for vibrant

health and pain-free movement.

The MELT Method® is an innovative self-care program

that's being taught worldwide.

Learn more at

and at

You will learn easy MELT moves in

each class that you will be able to repeat at home. The

3 part series will build on information taught in the

previous class.

Week 1 Intro to MELT. Hand and foot treatments for better sleep

Week 2 Upper body hydration; neck and shoulders

Week 3 Pelvic floor, low back and hips

Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.

White Cloud Foot and Leg Massage


June 19, Seattle

8 CE.   Register with

9am - 5pm

Take your clients to a deeper level of relaxation with the added benefit of decreasing pain and fatigue in their feet and legs.

This class will teach you a dedicated 30 minute foot and leg (from the knee down) massage that can become an add-on to your massage offerings.

You will learn several new techniques and concepts related to foot and leg health, such as how to treat plantar fasciitis, how to work gently to rehydrate connective tissues and eliminate pain, movements and hand techniques that are soothing and also some that are stimulating.

We will also look at the 6 meridians of the feet and legs to become knowledgeable about which organs systems we are affecting, and which points to avoid during pregnancy. This massage includes hot towels and some draping techniques.

Recent studies have shown that foot massage reduces pain and anxiety experienced before and after surgery.


Bring a Bolster, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, 2 bath towels, 4 hand towels, massage oil and cream that can be mixed in a dish. Wear loose pants that can be pulled up above the knees.

Chi Nei Tsang level 2

Ampuku; Meridian Therapy

TBA in Fall 2021

Review and expand on the CNT 1 curriculum. Learn about the history and development of Chi Nei Tsang and Ampuku as a healing modality and its migration through in Asia.

Explore the breathing process, internal patterns of tension and chi flow, and the resulting mis-alignments of the posture.

Understand how posture affects organ health and learn to access and identify where fascial stress is inhibiting movement in the body.

Learn treatments to purge stagnant energy from the body by “chasing the winds” through the meridians of the arms, legs, and chest.

Enjoy the benefits of Bone Breathing Qigong to prevent osteoporosis and Swimming Dragon for the spine.

We will be using herbal poultices in our treatments, and discussing the actions of Asian and local herbs.

Bring the modern day problem of carpal tunnel into line with a treatment adapted from Asian body therapies.

Understand how to reposition the Uterus, Bladder and Prostate for better health and chi flow.

Learn a psoas release technique and advanced techniques, stretches and guided movement awareness for releasing pelvic tensions that cause pain.

We will practice several CNT 2 treatment protocol for chasing the winds adapted to the needs of the client. 

Learn how the I Ching Bagua has been used historically in healing sessions. 

3 full days, 9am-5pm.  $425.  21 CE from NCBTMB

Pre requisite is CNT level 1

Location: Bellingham, WA

to register email: [email protected]

or call 505 670-3538

8 week Taoist Studies for Women


Wednesdays 10-11:30 (Pacific Time)

Dates TBA in Fall 2021

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Taoist Practices for Women.

Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds; Supporting the Endocrine Glands and clearing Emotions. Sunrise practice and alchemical poetry of Sun Buer

2. Qigong, Ovarian Breathing and the Microcosmic Orbit mediation.

3. Bone Breathing Qigong. Diet, the Immune system and Bone Health.

4. Jade Woman Qigong; Nourishing Liver chi throughout the month and year. How to approach a Spring Detox

5. Pelvic Health; Stretching. Prevention and elimination of Pain. Strengthening and Taoist Jade Egg exercises

6. Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage and Self Care

7. Well Breast Massage and Acupressure.

8. Tao Yin exercises to clear the meridians. Dream Practice

$35 per class, $280 for all 8, includes all handouts. The Registration form is on the "Classes" page. To pay for class please use PayPal address: [email protected] or call White Cloud Institute at 505 670-3538. email: [email protected]

Lecture and Guided Practice.  Learn new practices and meditations

Topics will include:

Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds

Bone Breathing Qigong

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Chi Nei Tsang Self care treatment

Tao Yin

Fusion of the 5 Elements

Taoist Dream Practice

Cultivating Sexual Chi

To register:  email [email protected]

or call 505 670-3538