Classes 2022

Winter Solstice Qigong and Mediation

December 21, 2022

9am and 6:30pm Pacific Time​

$15 for one session

Join me for a special Qigong and Meditation Practice on Winter Solstice

This is a very auspicious day to practice internal alchemy and to align with the energies present on the planet. 

There will be two sessions available on this day.  9am and 6:30pm.  Each session will be the same practice.  

Pay $15 for one session via paypal, or call me to register and receive the Zoom link. This class will not be recorded.  

I will be guiding you through the energy of the day with an introduction to the I Ching Hexagram #2.  

We will then move into a gentle Qigong form specifically designed to harmonize your chi with the Water energy of Winter. 

After a short Tao Yin session to open all of the body meridians we will rest in a guided meditation. 

Caryn Boyd Diel

505 670-3538

[email protected]

"Every day connect with Nature, (Tao)  and do less.”

Lao Tze

Healing Tao for Women

October 9, 2022

Location:  Bow Sanctuary in Bow, WA



Introduction to Taoist Practices for Women

Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds; Supporting the Endocrine Glands and clearing Emotions for better organ health.

Sunrise and Full Moon practices. The alchemical poetry of Daoist adept Sun Buer

Fall Qigong practice

Bone Breathing Qigong. Diet, the Immune system and Bone Health.

Self Care for Pelvic Health

Well Breast Prevention and Treatment. Acupressure Routine.

Tao Yin (Taoist Meridian Yoga)

$125 includes all handouts. To Register contact  

For more information call White Cloud Institute at 505 670-3538.

Caryn Boyd Diel has been teaching Women's Healing Dao classes since 2002. She is the Author of "Sunrise, Daoist Practices for Women" which is recommended reading for this course.

Lecture and Guided Practice. Learn new practices and meditations

For Questions email [email protected]

or call 505 670-3538


Contact me to set up a private session

505 670-3538

What is MELT?

MELT is a self care method designed to get you out of pain

MELT improves performance in any sport, and creates ease in daily activities

MELT is gentle manual self care


A daily routine which hydrates the sliding architecture of the connective tissues

Erase pain and tension brought on by everyday stress, overuse, injury, age, and repetitive stress.

Learn to MELT and discover how the connective tissue in your body gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to re-hydrate this essential system in our bodies for vibrant health, better sleep and pain-free movement.

Melt is self care

Learn to Prepare and Repair for work, fun and daily life


The MELT Method® is an innovative self-treatment program that's being taught in some of the most prestigious health and fitness centers worldwide. Learn more about it at

You will experience a complete Treatment in class that you will be able to repeat at home. 

Bring a water bottle.  $10 drop in class Mondays at 6pm 

Coherence Wellness in Mt. Vernon.  1211 Division st. 


White Cloud Foot and Leg Massage

January 28, 2023

at The Metta Center, Bellingham

9am - 5pm. 8CE from NCBTMB

February 18 and September 9 in Seattle. Register with

The class is very informative and also very enjoyable

Take your clients to a deeper level of relaxation with the added benefit of decreasing pain and fatigue in their feet and legs.

This class will teach you a dedicated 30 minute foot and leg (from the knee down) massage that can become an add-on to your massage offerings, and extended to 45 minutes.

You will learn several new techniques and concepts related to foot and leg health, such as how to treat plantar fasciitis, how to work gently to rehydrate connective tissues and eliminate pain, movements and hand techniques that are soothing and also some that are stimulating.

We will also look at the 6 meridians of the feet and legs to become knowledgeable about which organs systems we are affecting, and which points to avoid during pregnancy. This massage includes hot towels and some draping techniques.

Recent studies have shown that foot massage reduces pain and anxiety experienced before and after surgery.  see

Bring a Bolster, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, 2 bath towels, 4 hand towels, massage oil and cream that can be mixed in a dish. Wear loose pants that can be pulled up above the knees.

Tuition: $150

paypal address: [email protected]

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been a certified instructor with NCBTMB since 2000, joined AMTA in 1995, and belongs to the WSMTA. This class is her own inspiration after having hands on bodywork experience for 50 years.  

2023 Classes

I Ching

January 2023

on Zoom

January 9,16,23,30

6-7:30pm Monday nights   (pacific time)


This is a powerful and thought provoking class.  Take a deep dive into Numerology, Symbolism and Philosophy.  

You will:

-Learn how to ask questions and to interpret the advice from a Taoist meditative state

-Experience using yarrow sticks to create a hexagram 

-Understand the energy of the 8 Trigrams

-See the mystery, art and science in the Book of Changes

-Understand how the I Ching (Yijing) guides our internal alchemy practices. 

-Healers need to understand the I Ching to inform their practice.

-Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel will guide you into the Inner "Closed" book of the I Ching (Yijing) 

What is the story behind the Wheel of the I Ching?


$125  Includes all handouts

You will need a copy of the I Ching

Caryn Boyd Diel began studying the YiJing in earnest with Juan Li in 1999 while she was living in Santa Fe, NM.  She continued her studies and met with Alfred Huang, author of " The Complete I Ching" and the "Numerology of the I Ching" while he was living on Maui.  More recently she reads and studies with Master Zhongxian Wu, author of "Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change."

Register with the PayPal button below, or use Venmo account;  @Caryn-Diel    

"Caryn's Readings are so accurate.  I get a yearly reading every year on my Birthday"

 Love and Destiny Cards Class

January 14, on Zoom


Most students use it initially to help forecast their future, understand their past and unravel the many facets of their human relationships. However, this system can be used most effectively as a guide to plan and execute many important aspects of our life. A person fully utilizing the information found in this system can walk forward in life with full confidence, knowing that he or she is in harmony with the universal energies and the cycles of his or her own life.

In this workshop, you will learn about your individual Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card, your relationship to others, and your life’s plan in the Book of Destiny. Learn how the cards can help you more clearly define your life’s purpose and how they provide you with a blueprint for continual success.

Bring your life plans and dreams to this class and lets see if we can get you on track to your highest potential.

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been a student of this system of divination and card reading for 20 years and studied with author Robert Lee Camp. She offers Private readings to individuals on Career, Health, Relationship Compatibility and Yearly life planning.

Suggested Reading:

Love Cards and Destiny Cards, by Robert Camp.

Tuition $125. includes all handouts.  9am-5pm.  one hour lunch break

Registration form is on the 'classes' page, if you have not taken a class with us before. 

                        Essential Oils

                      TBA 2023

                               9 to 5 daily

                                14 CE from NCBTMB

                                 13 PDA from NCCAOM

Learn how to incorporate essential oils in your healing sessions and how to use them for the support of your own vibrant health at home.

 Oils and perfumes will speed up healing and attract to you what is necessary for fast change. 

 Learn how to use essential oils in your daily life and with clients in your healing practice. 


We will look at how to use oils on acupuncture points and understand which oils will facilitate growth through the 5 Phases in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You will give and receive a Raindrop therapy treatment. Discussion of Oils for Hospice care.

I will outline what oils to have in your home first aid kit.  

Caryn will share many recipes that she has used throughout the years in making oil blends for massage and for use as aerosols

This class is packed with information and we will be experiencing many oils, so get ready!

On day 2 you will need a massage table and sheets for Raindrop treatment. 

Please bring your own favorite oils to use for discussion and sharing.  

Tuition $225    14 CEU NCBTMB 13 PDA from NCCAOM

Location:  TBA

Register with PayPal or contact [email protected]

505 670-3538

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been studying essential oils and herbal remedies since the 1990s.  She has studied with Jeffrey Yuen, a Daoist Master, and with David Crow of Floricopeia Oils.  


                     CNT and Pelvic Health

August 12 and 13, 2023

Chi Nei Tsang and Pelvic Health merges Western and Eastern wisdom to address Pelvic Pain (in women and men) including Infertility, painful intercourse, interstitial cystitis, urinary urgency, incontinence, burning and long standing pain and discomfort. Chi Nei Tsang students will enjoy the added focus of this class which they can then use in their private practice.  All attendees will learn to assess their own areas of strength and weakness in a safe environment. 

Health issues in the Pelvis can be addressed with simple self-help techniques, including stretching and strengthening, abdominal massage, Breathwork, meditation, dietary adjustments, and postural evaluation. 

Learn ways to approach the physical and emotional symptoms which plague so many. Take charge of your well being and learn to assist your clients to find relief and wholeness.  We will be applying basic Chi Nei Tsang techniques and theories, so you will receive a short introduction to this healing method.

The causes of Pelvic Pain are many and the need to find relief from this pain is often elusive. We will explore the various root causes of pain including a look at simple anatomy and physiology of the pelvis.Students will explore specific movements and stretches which address muscular conditions which either weaken or tense pelvic muscles.

We will examine a program of eliminating pain and then strengthening the core. This includes a CNT self help routine and a look at diet and meditation to assist in a new experience of wellness.

Day 1 we will discover pelvic imbalances and areas of over contraction with need relaxing, stretching.

Day 2 we will play with some pelvic strengthening moves and learn a massage routine for our clients. 

This course is designed for individuals as well as practitioners. Handouts will be provided

Caryn has been teaching this unique class since 2010.  She has been a certified instructor with NCBTMB since 2000, joined AMTA in 1995 and is a member of WSMTA.  In 2014 she was recognized as a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in Switzerland by Master Mantak Chia.  CNT and Pelvic Health was inspired by her CNT curriculum.  She is the author of the book, "Sunrise, Daoist Practices for Women", which is available from Barnes and Noble.  

14 CE from NCBTMB    10-6pm daily

Location:  Seattle.  Register with  

School Founder and Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has a healing practice which incorporates 50 years of study in the areas of counseling, bodywork and energy healing. Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor, she moves fluidly between dimensions to assist clients and students to find new direction and wellness. 

Caryn enjoys teaching others how the human energy field contributes to health and the evolution of consciousness. She combines cutting edge quantum physics with ancient Taoist practices into her curriculum.  Caryn is the author of "Chakra Tales, Putting a New Spin on your Stories". She has been teaching Energy Medicine classes since 2000.  

MELT for Postpartum Moms; Restore the Pelvic Floor


Please contact me to sponsor a class

Learn how the connective tissue in your hands, feet,

legs, shoulders, pelvis and spine get dehydrated, the

common aches and pains it can cause, and how to re-hydrate

this essential system in our bodies for vibrant

health and pain-free movement.

The MELT Method® is an innovative self-care program

that's being taught worldwide.

Learn more at

and at

You will learn easy MELT moves in

each class that you will be able to repeat at home. The

3 part series will build on information taught in the

previous class.

Week 1 Intro to MELT. Hand and foot treatments for better sleep

Week 2 Upper body hydration; neck and shoulders

Week 3 Pelvic floor, low back and hips

Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.