2023 Chi Nei Tsang Training Schedule

September 20-22 and 26-28. CNT levels 1 and 2.  Santa Fe, NM   Registration is open

October 19-21  Ampuku; CNT level 2.  Bellingham, WA

November 2-4. CNT level 1. Tucson, AZ

November 7-9. CNT level 1. Mesa, AZ

21 CE for all 3 day classes with NCBTMB.  19.5 PDA with NCCAOM

Classes at Thera Training in Seattle

June 3,4  Metal and Wood Elements of Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage  16ce

July 8,9  Earth, Fire and Water Elements of Chi Nei Tsang.  16ce

*It is recommended that you take Both weekends to achieve a full understanding of this hands on healing modality.  

J​oin us in May 2023

Mescal Canyon Retreat Center in Arizona

Clarkdale is 30 minutes from Sedona

Mescal Canyon Retreat Center

Chi Nei Tsang levels 1 and 2 will be offered

at ASIS in Tucson 

Chi Nei Tsang level 1

21 CE from NCBTMB     19.5 PDA from NCCAOM


The Chrysalis Inn.  Fairhaven, WA   April 21-21, 2023

Mescal Canyon Retreat Center.  Sedona/Clarkdale  May 1-3, 2023

Fort Marcy in Santa Fe, NM.  September 20-22, 2023.

 Fairhaven. view below is from class venue

Instructor: Caryn Boyd Diel has been teaching this unique class since 2000. She has been a certified instructor with NCBTMB since 2000, joined AMTA in 1995 and is a member of WSMTA. In 2014 she was recognized as a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in Switzerland by Master Mantak Chia. She enjoys introducing students to this powerful healing modality which is anchored by Traditional Chinese Medicine and follows the ancient Daoist beliefs in the necessity of a healthy body.

Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to massage therapy with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs.


This course will cover the history and fundamental principles of Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy & physiology of the internal organs, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises, qigong to increase the flow of chi through your body, and several treatment protocol. You will have a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Techniques are easily incorporated into your existing massage sessions. Benefits all ages, including children.

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang:

Improved energy and sleep

Improved physical and emotional digestion

Regulation of elimination

Relief from abdominal pain

Improved metabolism for vibrant health

 Self Empowerment over your sense of well being

You will learn:

*To identify the location and function of the internal organs

*Several treatment protocols, including a full body detoxifying routine

*Manual and Energetic techniques to improve digestion and alleviate abdominal pain

*Opening the diaphragm for better breathing

*Introduction to the five elements theory

*Qigong and meditation to boost your energy level and harmonize organs

$475    9-5 daily

21 CE from NCBTMB Live class

19.5 PDA from NCCAOM

Beginners Welcome!

Registration form is on the "classes" page. 

You may use PayPal to pay for class. address is: [email protected] Or use the button below. 

or call 505 670-3538 to use a credit card. Venmo: @Caryn-Diel

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel has been teaching CNT for 22 years. Her book, "The Mountain Path" explains the history of this healing art and gives students guidance on how to offer a Chi Nei Tsang session.

Please bring a massage table, sheets, bolster. No oil is used in this class.  

*See article at the bottom of this page about the history of Abdominal Massage from China 

Mescal Canyon Retreat center near Sedona

This is our outdoor Qigong practice space and star watching platform at Mescal Canyon Retreat center.  

5 one day classes taught by the organs' associated Element

June 3,4  2023.  Seattle

July 8,9  2023.  Seattle

Register with TheraTraining.com  

Chi Nei Tsang; Taoist abdominal massage designed to provide deep healing by working directly on internal restrictions and energy blocks. Literally meaning, “internal organ chi transformation” or “changing the energy in the viscera”, Chi Nei Tsang promotes physical, mental and emotional well being.

The historical roots of CNT are lost in the mist of time, however this treatment is now found on the menu of many leading spas around the world. Science has now caught up to how gut health affects overall health.

Chi Nei Tsang works mainly on the abdomen, training the organs to work more efficiently. Treatments affect all the vital systems of the body; digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, fascial and muscular.

Chi Nei Tsang treatments can assist the body to detoxify and relieves the body of excess stagnation. Treatments also improve elimination and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system. This strengthens the immune system and resistance to diseases.

Chi Nei Tsang helps to restructure and strengthen the body by working on the fascia and viscera, which allows more freedom of movement for internal organs. This stimulates the organs to work better and helps to correct postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances, releasing deep seated tensions restores vitality.

About this series of classes

This Chi Nei Tsang series offers 4 unique eight hour classes. Students will learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the organs represented by a specific Element each day. Metal, Wood, Earth, Fire and Water.

Each course will present the history and fundamental principles of Chi Nei Tsang, cover beginning anatomy and physiology of the internal organs from and Eastern and a Western perspective. Each class will feature one organ system and it's treatment techniques.

At the end of these 4 classes students will be able to offer a simple CNT treatment which addresses the specific organ system and benefits all ages, including children. Students will also learn a self care treatment. *It is recommended that you take Both weekends to have achieve an understanding of Chi Nei Tsang healing. This is a good review for students who have taken CNT classes with Caryn in the past.

Suggested reading “The Mountain Path, Taoist Healing with Chi Nei Tsang” by Caryn Boyd Diel

Classroom at Mescal Canyon Retreat

The Classroom at Mescal Canyon Retreat center is spacious and light.  Floors are heated and there is ample space for up to 16 students with massage tables.  Contact me if you plan to stay at the retreat center.  There are 2 Air BnB rooms available.  

Chi Nei Tsang level 2

Ampuku; Meridian Therapy

September 26-28, 2023.  Santa Fe, NM

Take both CNT 1 and 2 in Santa Fe and receive a $100 discount

October 19-21,  2023   Bellingham, WA 

$475 tuition.  21 CE from NCBTMB and 19.5 PDA from NCCAOM

Review and expand on the CNT 1 curriculum. Learn about the history and development of Chi Nei Tsang and Ampuku as a healing modality and its migration through in Asia. Ampuku, sometimes referred to as Abdominal Acupressure is an ancient practice from Japan that preceeded Shiatsu. 

Explore the breathing process, diaphragm, internal patterns of tension and chi flow, and the resulting mis-alignments of the posture.

Understand how posture affects organ health and learn to access and identify where fascial stress is inhibiting movement in the body.

Learn treatments to purge stagnant energy from the body by “chasing the winds” through the meridians of the arms, legs, head and chest.

We will look at the ancient roots of "Ampuku" as is was practiced hundreds of years ago and use similar techniques and hand positions

Enjoy the benefits of Bone Breathing Qigong to prevent osteoporosis and Swimming Dragon for the spine.

We will be using herbal poultices in our treatments, and discussing the actions of Asian and local herbs.

Bring the modern day problem of carpal tunnel into line with a treatment adapted from Asian body therapies.

Understand how to reposition the Uterus, Bladder and Prostate for better health and chi flow.

Learn a psoas release technique and advanced techniques.

Tao Yin stretches and guided movement awareness for releasing pelvic tensions that cause pain.

Introduction to sending external chi healing using sound and color ("cosmic healing")

We will practice several CNT 2 treatment protocol for chasing the winds adapted to the needs of the client.

Learn how the sacred geometry of the I Ching Bagua has been used historically in healing sessions.

Pre requisite is CNT level 1

to register email: [email protected]

Pay Pal button below.  or venmo  @Caryn-Diel

or call 505 670-3538 to use a credit card.

Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel was recognized as a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in 2014 by Master Mantak Chia in Switzerland. She has thoroughly studied and developed the Level 2 CNT materials to bring this powerful advanced course to students.

She is currently writing the Ampuku; CNT level 2 instruction manual for students which will be published in 2023.  

*See article below on this page about the history of Anma/Ampuku

Learn new Qigong practices to share with your clients and to enhance your own cultivation practice.. 

Join me in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment

Chi Nei Tsang Level 1  

September 20-22,  2023

Santa Fe, New Mexico

21 CE from NCBTMB

19.5 PDA from NCCAOM

During this level 1 class we will be offering a complete course in Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals along with many other Taoist teachings.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is not only a body therapy technique, but a lineage practice involving training in energy cultivation (qigong) and alchemical Taoist meditations to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Our days will begin with Qigong to cultivate the chi in practitioners. In the classroom each day, we will move consciously through each of the organ systems, learning how to access the knowledge of the body with our hearts and our hands.

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang:

Improved energy and sleep

Improved physical and emotional digestion

Regulation of elimination

Relief from abdominal pain

Boost your metabolism to a state of vibrant health

Achieve Self Empowerment over your sense of well being

You will learn:

To identify the location and function of the internal organs

Several treatment protocols, including a full body detoxifying routine

Manual and Energetic techniques to improve digestion and alleviate abdominal pain

Opening the diaphragm for better breathing

Introduction to the five elements theory

Qigong and meditation to boost your energy level and harmonize organs

6 Healing Sounds Meditation

Tao Yin to open the Meridians

Tuition: $475   

Location:  Ft. Marcy in Santa Fe, NM

 Class hours are 9-5pm daily

**Ask the registration desk about the "Caryn Diel Group Room Discounts' at Ft. Marcy

Tell them that you are part of the class

For room reservations at Ft. Marcy call 505 988-2800

Learn how to "take the waters"

During Chi Nei Tsang Retreats Caryn will talk about the history of "Taking the Waters" and how to best use natural hot springs.

Join us in Sedona, Arizona

We will be looking at the Vortex energy that is prevalent on this land and learn how to apply Geomancy to our healing practice.

Anpuku Ryoho

Abdominal Massage and Therapy. 

Article from yotsume dojo in Arizona. (2017)

Anpuku means “to ease or calm the Hara”. The Hara being the abdomen or the Tanden. Ryoho means therapy. Anpuku Ryoho can be traced back to the Nara and Heian periods in Japan (710-1185 AD) During the later part of this period Anpuku therapy was called Haratori.

One theory says that Anpuku entered Japan from China at the same time as Acupuncture and other medical arts. A second theory says, it entered on its own separately. Anpuku therapy has always been closely related to Koho Anma, Traditional Japanese Massage, and has always been highly respected.

During the Edo period (1602-1868 AD) Ampuku, Anma and other branches of Oriental medicine reached their peak. Toward the end of this period the Shogunate (Japanese government) made Anma and Anpuku a form of welfare for the blind. This period in conjunction with WWII brought much decline to high level medicine in Japan. Most techniques for curing disease with Ampuku therapy were lost and the art became simple abdominal massage.

After WWII bodywork medicine became one of the primary professions for the blind and schooling now often takes place in schools for the blind. Many anma practitioners in Japan advertised as Anma and Anpuku together and apply techniques very lightly. When working at a true therapeutic level. Techniques are not always pleasant to receive.

During the 1960s many therapists in Japan began researching the old ways of medicine again. During this time, Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of a style of Shiatsu (finger pressure therapy) translated into modern Japanese and published a work on Anpuku called the Anpuku Zukai ( illustrations of Anpuku). This work was written during the Edo period by an Anpuku therapist by the name of Shunsai Ota. This manuscript is now the foundation of modern Anpuku therapy.

(This book was recently translated into English and other languages by Philippe Vandenabeele by Shinzui Bodywork International Institute. Note from Caryn Boyd Diel)

Japanese Medical Views of the Abdominal Region

In Oriental medicine the abdomen (Tanden) is the most important part of the body because the Tanden is the center of Ki (inner life force) and many of the internal organs are housed in this region. In the abdomen there is a point below the navel known as Kikai (Chihai). This means a sea of energy. This point on the body is where a mixture and uniting of different types of Ki occurs. In Taoist influenced medicine and spirituality, there are three types of KI: Tenki – Heaven Energy, Chiki – Earth Energy, and Jinki - human Energy. Heaven energy and Earth energy enter the body at the top of the head and at the bottom of the feet and then they both run into the abdomen and unite at the kikai point to form Jinki (Human Energy).

To quote the oldest medical text in Japan known as the Ishinpo: “When the energies of Heaven and Earth combine Humans are formed”. This is why the region of the abdomen is held in such high regard in Oriental medicine. Anpuku Ryoho (Abdominal Therapy) assists in the clean combination of energies that naturally takes place in the Hara/Tanden. Anpuku therapy is very deeply linked to Fukushin (Abdominal Diagnosis). This diagnosis method became more developed in Japan then in China where is seems to have been replaced with tongue diagnosis. Fukushin consists of various methods for retrieving information from the abdominal region.

The Effects of Anpuku Ryoho Abdominal Therapy

*Releases the congestion of Ki (vital life force)

*Relaxes and detoxifies the internal organs

*Harmonizes the stomach and intestinal functions

*Promotes digestion and elimination

*Smoothes the blood flow and adjusts the pulse

*Opens the joints

*Assists Structural rebalancing

*Replaces the internal organs to their proper locations

*Makes the muscles flexible

*Moistens the skin

*Increases the mental powers

*Strengthens the memory and the body

*Balances the emotions

*Assists longevity